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first-woman-visit-all-countries-cassandra-de-pecol-fb2__700-pngThe festive season has just come to an end and it’s time to make resolutions for the New Year 2017. Ignore last year’s experiences and start the year with a January holiday. Of course, everyone is ambitious at this point-2017 will be better than the previous years. Let me tell you some destinations as told by my friend as we were at newton drain cleaning.With your passport in the pocket, here are prime destinations you can visit in January 2017.

Monte Verde, Costa Rica

If you are a thrill seeker, Monte Verde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica will offer an exciting experience to start off the year. At this spot you can be sure of an ultimate adrenaline rush. Do you want to jump and swing through the air? Extreme Park offers the highest bungee jump in Central America (469ft). You can as well leap from a tram suspended between two mountains with cables. At the reserve, you will encounter diverse kinds of wildlife including the jaguars and the rare Quetzal birds.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of the prime destinations with beautiful beaches. It is the best spot for any self-respecting beach bum. Adventure activities include surfing at Muizenburg and lying back on the soft white sand on Camps Bay or Clifton Beach as you make new friends. You may as well chill with the many penguins at Boulders Beach. The city offers a distinctly African lifestyle and flavor.

Beijing, China

For your information, the Chinese New Year also known as Chunjie falls on 28th January this year. This is usually the best time to visit Beijing. For an exciting experience during your five-day holiday, spend time with a Chinese family. However, if you don’t how to find one, Beijing Greeters can pair you with a Beijinger who will help you learn more. Beijing is the best destination this January for any City Slicker.

Hemsedal, Norway

Avid skiers can visit the mega-resorts of Val Thorens and Chamonix as well as the untamed mountains of Norway. If you are one of the snow-hungry skiers, you better start planning your January holiday with Norway in mind. Norway features vast mountain ranges, epic glaciers, and deep fjords making it the perfect destination between November and may. Hemsedal offers multiple opportunities and adeventure activities for families. There is something for everyone including children. Non-skiing activities available include horse sleigh riding and dog sledding. Located deep in the Scandinavian Mountain Ranges, Hemsedal is top on the list for its well-groomed slopes and stark vistas.

The Best Place to Travel With Kids

First time parents might think taking the kids on a trip will be such a hard task to deal with, especially if they are bringing toddlers. Children at this formative age are very curious and are likely to explore anything that catches their attention. In addition, they can be extra active and run around which can end up making them feel exhausted easily and can cut the sight-seeing short. When that happens, it can turn a supposedly fun trip to a stressful one not only to the parents but to kids as well. But that does not have to be the case; it can be avoided as long as the parents plan the trip carefully and choose a destination that is kid-friendly.

disneylandChild-friendly places are not hard to find and not to mention very practical. Since the place is for kids, expect budget-friendly expenses but still getting your money’s worth. The top destination on the list is the Disneyland theme park. Wherever country it is, Disneyland will surely hit the sweet spot in every child’s heart and will make them happy all throughout the day. Disneyland boasts of different adrenaline-boosting rides, scenic views and remarkable performances from the various Disney characters. What’s also best about Disneyland is that it caters to everyone who wants to have a great time. It is not only for kids but for the kids at heart, thus parents get to have just as much fun as the kids.

The second most traveled place with kids would have to be the Universal Studios. Just like Disneyland, it is a theme park that is packed with awesome rides, great landscape as photo backdrops and restaurants that will fill the hunger from all the riding and walking around. Every corner just screams fun. Children and alike cannot have enough of the entire place. So the next time you want to bring the entire family on a trip, choose a destination that will be unforgettable for everyone.