marina-bay-singaporeYour life is packed with a super busy job or a business that goes round and round from one day to another. Working, eating and sleeping has become the only chores of your life. You sure want to break this vicious cycle of your life but whenever you try to take a day off pr two the work phone never stop ringing. At roofing companies tyler tx a friend of mine was telling me that you are a star at your work but getting away from your work desk and taking it over to your bedroom is a big No-No! You need something big and grand to give your mind and body the most awaited break of the year.

Here you go with the list of top five luxurious and super class restaurants of the world that not only provide you with luxuries and comfort that are best in world but also are situated in the most amazing cities of the world that will help you forget work for sure. And trust me after working this hard you deserve it!

The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

I will be surprised if luxury lover had never heard the name of the Emirates Palace in Dubai. The world know Dubai for its royal treatment and what more luxurious will be a hotel accommodation then the one itself in the city of royalty? It took $3 million worth of budget to build this iconic building that 394 guest rooms and suites and  enough amount of meeting and conference rooms you cannot ask for more. Its a perfect combination of old school royal treatments with modern amenities.

The Marden Palace, Turkey

Built with a total expenditure of $1.65billion, the Mardan Palace hotel is another landmark in terms of luxury. This hotel has the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean. This hotel has all the modern amenities and treatments including spas, on suite Jacuzzi, bars, aquarium full of fishes etc and can welcome a total of 1000 guests at a time. This has also been titled as one of the best in the whole Europe.

Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

As mentioned before, Dubai hotels are the best place for royalty and luxuries. Burj Al Arab is no less. This eyes treating architecture was built to resemble a billowing sail and hence is one of the most photographed in the world. This hotel provides with two floored on suite rooms it provides you with top amenities, 24*7 on call butler’s, serious customer service, royce royal travel services with chauffeurs and VVIP treatment. This one also have a heliport and a roof tennis court.

The Plaza New York

The favourite place of both the royalties and celebrities in the NYC also provides the best views of the city. The on suite consist of three bedrooms, three stylish bathrooms, gym, library, formal dining area and a grand kitchen for personal butlers and chefs. This is the ultimate place of receiving luxuries of life.

Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas

The main attraction of this hotel is the 23rd floor that contains of ten plush rooms with as high ceilings as 12 ft and full room size windows.

The icing on the cake is the chandeliers made of 22 karat gold along with whirlpool bath tub in the suites. With availability of seven personal staff members to serve, can you ask for more?